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How to Sell More at the Farmer’s Market

Raspberries at Farmer's Market

Increase your sales with these five tips – all practically free!

Photo credit Kimberly Mahr

Want to make more money at the farmer’s market? Of course you do! For many food producers it’s a top priority. And for good reason.

More money means faster growth. Which really means more employees, better packaging, new flavors, and providing an amazing customer experience.

But, increased sales aren’t instant.

Wouldn’t that be great? If it was so quick & easy, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately, it takes time to figure out what works best for your company and your products. What strategies increase your sales and keep your profits healthy?

Five Simple Strategies to Increase Your Sales

Here are five tips you can use to boost your sales numbers – whether you sell produce, jam, or salsa.

1. Group Products Together to Make a Deal

Simply giving your customers a deal on buying more than one item is a way to increase your top line. Let’s say you sell jam for $6. Making the deal one for $6 or 2 for $10 seems like a great deal – and it is. This increases your average transaction size because customers have an incentive to buy more than one jar – it’s only $4 more! This works the same way with gift packs, too.

2. Greet Every Customer

When you let a customer walk by or quickly grab a sample and dash, it’s a lost sale. Say hello, even if you think “they aren’t your customer”. Often times, this simple engagement increases trust and credibility. You may find yourself in a long conversation, but at least they’re more likely to buy because you’ve engaged them.

3. Make Your Booth Inviting

It’s no secret customers love beautiful product displays. It’s what sells your product. Make sure everything is clean and presentable. After all, customers are coming in to “your store.” They expect clean shelves, attractive displays, and easy to read signage, so they can get what they need and move to the next vendor.

4. Help Customers Visualize Using Your Product

Recipe sheets are essential for increased sales. We get the question “what do you put mustard on?” all the time. Having an answer with something the customer can take away for free is powerful. Let your customers know what you enjoy it on – paint a picture for them so they can see themselves doing it. For example, “Our maple wholegrain mustard is amazing on grilled cheese. Get some nice sharp Cabot cheddar with thick sliced bread from another vendor, and you’ve got the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted.” See? You’re hungry now aren’t you?

5. Partner with Other Vendors

If you sell condiments or sauces – or even produce – think about how you can work with other vendors. Here are a couple ideas: cross-promote your bbq sauce with a meat vendor, find the ice cream guy and feature your granola as a topping, or if you use a certain farm’s peppers in your hot sauce, let your customers know.

There are tons of opportunities to make your market booth bring in the big bucks. Practice some of these and see what works. You never know which one is going to strike gold.

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