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launch food business

What I’d do Differently if I Launched a Food Business Again

Thank you so much for your comments from the closing of Green Mountain Mustard. It has meant a lot to me as I transition into traditional full-time-job-life again. I’ve had a lot of conversations with many of you – in the comments, and heck, even in real life. Questions about transition, marketing, selling, and more….

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How to Lower Your Food Product Cost

How to Dramatically Lower Your Food Product Cost (with Real Numbers)

You know that old saying, there are only two ways to grow your business’ bottom line? You can either grow your sales or decrease your costs. Really, you should do both at the same time for the explosive growth we all dream of. When I analyzed my business at the beginning of 2016, I was left with a…

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Buying food manufacturing equipment

How to Purchase Equipment for Your Food Business

When you open your own co-packing facility (as I did in late January), you spend your life Googling for equipment – searching Craigslist, eBay, YouTube, etc. You end up calling companies who don’t return your phone calls because you’re small potatoes to them, and when equipment arrives it’s like fifty times better than Christmas. Buying…

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