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What I Learned from Two Pricing Experiments

Pricing is one of the most challenging parts of running a food business. The right price on the shelf (and in turn, to stores, distributors, and brokers) determines your success. You could sell very little of a premium product and a ton of a low-priced product. The challenge? You need to know where you fall….

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sell more at farmer's markets

8 Tips to Improve Your Personal Selling

For much of the nation (make that the Northeast), the outdoor farmer’s market season is about to start. That means produce (heck yes) and lots of outdoor festivals. If your schedule is anything like mine, it’s jam-packed (pun intended) with events, shows, store demos – you name it, I’m doing it. I’m meeting people all…

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How to get a crowd for your food product at events

I just returned from a fantastic festival in Connecticut. We actually sold out of mustard! I didn’t bring enough, but now I know to bring double next year. The show was two days – wall-to-wall people from 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Throughout the day, we were 5-6 people deep, while other vendors looked for the…

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