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10 Reasons to Self-Distribute Your Food Products

10 Reasons Self-Distribution is the Best Way to Sell Your Food Product

I got a call last week from an employee in the Seafood department of a large grocery store in Southern, VT. He was talking up our Jalapeno mustard to his customers at the fish counter until, one day, the grocery buyer could no longer bring it in because of a distributor switch (a company we don’t sell…

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Grow Food Business

5 Strategies I’m Using to Grow My Food Business 20% this Summer

While it’s not quite summer, we’re almost there. Heck, it’s 91 degrees in Vermont right now. So, practically summer. And for me, that means I actually start to sell some mustard. (Who’s with me? I’m talking about those awful months from January – April if you live in a wintery climate). Anyway, I digress…. This…

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How to Lower Your Food Product Cost

How to Dramatically Lower Your Food Product Cost (with Real Numbers)

You know that old saying, there are only two ways to grow your business’ bottom line? You can either grow your sales or decrease your costs. Really, you should do both at the same time for the explosive growth we all dream of. When I analyzed my business at the beginning of 2016, I was left with a…

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