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Improvements to Adding a Recipe

The beauty of starting to get a couple of users is you receive feedback to build a better application.

I’ve spoken with some of you for almost an hour on the phone and heard you loud and clear: we need a way to track units produced when we add a recipe.

So that’s what we added. Now, it will make your ingredient needs more accurate. Here’s a screenshot:


Gredio units produced calculation

You’re now able to more accurately predict how much of each ingredient you need with the units produced number.

What is the “factor”?
That’s the finished weight of your recipe you’re able to make finished goods out of. For example, granola shrinks in the oven, and there’s always something left in your kettle or stove-top pot.

Finish weight for adding a recipe in Gredio

Finish weight is the final weight of your total recipe. Depending on your process, this number can be both bigger and smaller.

Do I need to add a factor if I already added my recipes?
It would be to your benefit. You don’t have to, but it’ll make your production life a whole heck of a lot easier.

What if I’m still off a couple units when I produce?
Just like other software, it’s never perfect. Units are dropped and seconded out, product is scraped, etc. We’re working on a post-production report to better optimize your productions.

Miss your targeted production by 6 units? Gredio automatically tweaks your factor so you’re closer next time. But, that’s coming soon.

For now, make sure to update units produced for every recipe in your recipe box.

Have questions? We’re available by email (michael@gredio.com) and phone (802) 338-7490 and would love to help out.

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