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What's required on labels for food products

How to Guide: Printing Labels for Your Food Business

In June 2010, I produced my first large run with a co-packer. It went smoothly until I determined the net weight on my labels was not the actual net weight of what was in the jar. Fail. That’s what inspired me to write today’s post — all about food labeling requirements. What goes on your…

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how to navigate grocery store buyers

What I Learned from Meeting With 3 Big (and one small) Buyers

I get nervous when I meet with buyers. It doesn’t matter the size. One or 100, I get a pit in my stomach. And over the last few weeks, I’ve met with buyers who have the power to launch my business into the stratosphere. We talked about all kinds of things. Product line, top-sellers, pricing, promotions —…

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How to price your food product

How to Price Your Food Product and Still Make Money

This is the blog post you need to calculate your food product cost and make sure you’re making money, too. You know, to stay in business. Super important. I’ll walk you through what’s included in your cost of goods sold, how to calculate it. etc. And then,  we’ll walk through how to price your product through…

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