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working with food distributors

10 Realities You Should Know About Working With Specialty Food Distributors

I have five of them. I’m talking about distributors. You know, the companies who take away your gross margin and you then sit there stumped wondering “where did all my money go?” Yes – those distributors. They do serve a purpose (as stated in #1 on the list below). But there is a lot more…

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Legally protecting your food business

The Super Useful Guide to Protecting Recipes, Product Names, and Logos for Food Businesses

This post should be called “How to avoid spending $3,429 in legal fees”. Why? Because that’s what I just did. I spent my month’s earnings on legal fees. So much for paying rent. It’s important you hear my story — and take action to protect your intellectual property. (skip the story and go right to learning…

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How to charge more for your food product

How to Convince Customers Your Product is Worth it’s Premium Price

Congrats! You’ve made your food product. Whether it’s sauce, dip, brownie mix, or a beverage, it’s a huge accomplishment to see your product hit the shelf on your local grocery store. But, it’s hard to ignore one thing….. Your product is priced significantly higher than everything else on the shelf. There’s several dollars between your…

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