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How to charge more for your food product

How to Convince Customers Your Product is Worth it’s Premium Price

Congrats! You’ve made your food product. Whether it’s sauce, dip, brownie mix, or a beverage, it’s a huge accomplishment to see your product hit the shelf on your local grocery store. But, it’s hard to ignore one thing….. Your product is priced significantly higher than everything else on the shelf. There’s several dollars between your…

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Why I have my food product co-packed

7 Reasons I Co-Pack My Food Product

There’s a bad rap out there for co-packers. But there shouldn’t be.  Co-packers basically run the food industry in the United States. They help companies grow and expand without the added capital investment for equipment, buildings, land, and people. They’re integral, in fact. But, there’s still a stigma about them. Some of the objections to…

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What's required on labels for food products

How to Guide: Printing Labels for Your Food Business

In June 2010, I produced my first large run with a co-packer. It went smoothly until I determined the net weight on my labels was not the actual net weight of what was in the jar. Fail. That’s what inspired me to write today’s post — all about food labeling requirements. What goes on your…

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