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7 Pricing Myths You Can’t Ignore

Let’s face it: pricing is a science. It’s a blend of what you need to price your product at vs. what shoppers will actually pay in the grocery store. And believe me, you won’t solve this overnight. Pricing takes practice! If you’re in the middle of trying to figure out pricing strategy for your food products,…

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5 Ways the Food Industry will Change in 2018

Happy New Year! Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing some trends on the grocery store shelves: new products, unique branding strategies, and I’ve honestly learned a couple more lessons. I’d love to share my view on the 2018 industry with you. While I don’t have a hand in the specialty food industry anymore,…

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Digital Strategies

3 Digital Strategies to Reach Shoppers When You Land a New Retailer

Many food industry veterans have said ‘It’s easy to get on the shelf. The hard part is getting off the shelf.” Well, that’s certainly true. What the means is that it’s easy to get new store accounts and some shel=f space. While a small victory, the challenge is just beginning. Now, how do you get…

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